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Research & Development

Maxibin is proud to partner with ocean-i, a South African ocean-impact company driving innovative solutions towards addressing ocean plastic pollution such as cigarette butts, at the source.
In addition to developing new ways to maximize the recovery of cigarette butts, ocean-i is also investigating ways to recycle butts into new products and applications
ocean-i Cigarette Butt Disposal Kit

ocean-i Cigarette Butt Disposal Kit

For personal and home use

The COVID lock-down resulted in a reduction of smokers in public and commercial spaces as people were forced to stay- and/or chose, to work from home.

For this reason, ocean-i recently piloted and will soon be rolling out the ocean-i cigarette butt disposal kit for personal and home use.

The hygienic and easy-to-use ocean-i cigarette butt disposal kit includes:

  • An Ashtray
  • Pocket Pouches
  • Sealable Butt Disposal Bags
  • Storage Bucket

Ideal for those working from home or spending time on the road, but equally for anyone who smokes outdoors.

ocean-i #Nobutts App

To ensure cigarette butts do not enter the natural environment via disposal into home dustbins which end up in general landfill and can be responsibly and sustainably disposed of, home collection of the cigarette butts by ocean-i BBBEE-certified drivers will be easily arranged using the ocean-i #Nobutts app that ocean-i is developing alongside the kit.

Maxibin is encouraging entities to urge their staff or customers to sign up for an ocean-i cigarette butt disposal kit for use at home and on the move.

Research and Development into the recycling of cigarette butts

Along with Maxibin’s ongoing commitment to collect cigarette butts to completely remove them from the natural environment and general landfills, we are supporting ocean-i’s research and development into the recycling of the butts.

A portion of the servicing costs of the stompie bins will be utilised towards funding such Research and Development initiatives.

Maxibin is committed to creating an environmentally sustainable solution to cigarette butt litter and providing a hygienic alternative to unattractive and bad-smelling disposal systems frequently used in public areas.