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Maxibin & Mr Bin Unite to Keep Cape Town Clean

Posted on Maxibin & Mr Bin Unite to Keep Cape Town Clean

When two companies share the same vision, a partnership between the two can only produce positive results. This can be said for the teaming up of Maxibin with Mr Bin. While Maxibin provides an environmentally friendly solution to cigarette butt litter, Mr Bin provides a cleaning and sanitisation service of waste bins and with a common vision of developing people and keeping Cape Town clean, what better partnership could there be?

Maxibin is focused on the green aspect of providing an environmentally-friendly solution to the disposal of cigarette waste. Cigarette butts are not biodegradable and contribute to a large percentage of toxic waste worldwide. Maxibin’s disposal method serves a dual purpose firstly in keeping these butts off the streets and out of our rivers, and disposing of the remains in a manner that is kind to our environment. Maxibin is also focused on developing people with the countrywide growth of the business.

On the same page, Mr Bin came about with the vision of it’s founder, Stanley Witbooi. Stanley who was employed in a company that does fencing and aluminium balustrading began realising that people didn’t care for their bins and noticed the state of many bins on sites he had been working on. Thus the idea arose for him to provide a much needed service.

In 2010/2011  Stanley had the opportunity to attend the  Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial development where he received the Valspar award  for Best Entrepreneurial Student. He also won the Daimler Pitch in 2011 as the best business plan and business idea hosted by Daimler and the Department of Economic Development and Tourism. In 2013 Stanley was again selected for his business ideas at a pitching session by the Department of Economic Development. Stanley did his internship at a company called Naturally Good and still uses their eco-friendly cleaning products to sanitise the bins he services.

Currently Mr Bin services the Hout Bay area, but Stanley’s vision is bigger than just for himself. He sees that many of the underprivileged South African youth lack the skills needed to find decent employment and hopes that Mr Bin can create employment, and with the collaboration of the Department of Economic Development, help them get into programs to acquire skills to improve their lives.

The teaming up of Maxibin and Mr Bin addresses the common goals of both businesses: cleaning up our environment, and creating employment. Initially, Mr Bin will join Maxibin in placing and servicing Maxibins in the Hout Bay area with the focus of expanding into other areas in time.