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Servicing of Maxibins

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Cigarette Disposal

Lit cigarettes are dropped into the Stompie Bin and are safely collected inside the fire retardant fibreglass container.

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The servicing involves emptying our Maxibins of all waste after which the trays are cleaned with our deodorising and disinfectant solution.  The waste is then removed from your site to be incinerated during which the smoke is ‘scrubbed’ to ensure the process is environmentally friendly.

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Each Maxibin is issued with a QR code. When the servicing agent is on site, the bin will be scanned with a mobile device and the client will receive an e-mail notification that an agent is on site servicing their bins. Any issues with a particular bin can be logged at the time. This new advancement in Maxibin’s servicing arrangements provides a number of benefits:

1.      It eliminates the need for the servicing agent to interrupt the client to sign off on the bin’s service.

2.      It allows Maxibin to provide efficient monthly or annual reporting to the client on servicing of all bins.

Bins serviced in association with: