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Servicing & Lease of Maxibins

Maxibin Service Contracts

  • Under the Maxibin service contracts, the Stompie Bins are serviced twice a month by BBBEE certified cleaners.
  • The entire contents of the Maxibin Stompie Bins are removed by the cleaners and taken off-site for weighing and safe disposal.
  • Increasing job creation by using BBBEE certified cleaners could positively contribute to your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Preferential Procurement targets.
  • The cigarette butts are currently disposed of at lined sanitary landfills where there is continuous monitoring of environmental impacts and it will no longer pose a risk to the natural environment.

Servicing of Maxibins

Cigarette Disposal

Lit cigarettes are dropped into the Stompie Bin and are safely collected inside the fire retardant fibreglass container.


The servicing involves emptying our Maxibins of all waste after which the trays are cleaned with our deodorising and disinfectant solution.  The waste is then removed from your site to be incinerated during which the smoke is ‘scrubbed’ to ensure the process is environmentally friendly.

Contact us for Lease & Service

Bins serviced in Association with

Lease of Maxibins

  • Lease our bins for a monthly fee.
  • Bins are serviced bi-monthly.
  • First-month payment and the delivery cost will be billed on order
  • Thereafter we will invoice monthly for the rental amount

Purchase our Maxibins

  • Purchase our Maxibins for a once-fee.
  • Servicing of bins not included in this option