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About Maxibin

Maxibin is committed to creating an environmentally sustainable solution to cigarette butt litter and providing a hygienic alternative to unattractive and bad-smelling disposal systems frequently used in public areas.


  • Maxibin provides an easy to use product and service with minimal impact on the environment during the cleaning and incineration processes.
  • Available in a choice of 3 finishes.
  • Lit cigarettes are dropped into the Stompie Bin and are safely collected inside the fire retardant fibreglass container.Bin no background

Features & Benefits

  • Safe disposal of cigarette waste
  • Can be used to indicate designated smoking area
  • Solid & heavy structure (challenging to vandals)
  • Can be customised to blend with surroundings
  • Weather proof – can be positioned in open areas
  • Environmentally sustainable & hygienic
  • Does not attract disposal of other rubbish
  • Low maintenance / hard wearing
  • Portable & freestanding


We offer a host of signage opportunities on our Maxibins throughout South Africa. We have thousands of visible, prominent and strategically placed bins which your organisation can use to increase your marketing exposure.

Let Maxibin Advertising become part of your local or national brand and marketing strategy!

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